API - user exist?


Hi @raphael

I looked trough live documentation, but I did not find what I need. Is there some way how can check if user exist in FM? If email exist in DB for example.

Many thanks



Hi Miro,

there’s no dedicated “search member by email” filter, but you can use the general full-text query ( q ) to search for email addresses:


But this can contain some false positives (because it’s a tokenized full-text search on many properties of the member), so you should check the result list if it actually contains the member you’re looking for.


Hello Raphael,
is there a way to use API to authenticate (as in email + password -> authorized/not_authorized) user against fabman DB?

Thank you


Hi @Zdenek_Hostasa,

sure! Just use POST /user/login endpoint.

And we’re planning offer OAuth-Support, which would most likely be a better option for you. I’ll let you know when it’s available.