Alerts for Tampering or Bypassing Fabman Bridge

What happens when a user attempts to defeat the Fabman by unplugging it and bypassing the system altogether?

Does it send some sort of signal by default or is there a webhook that needs to be programmed?

A red warning triangle appears on the overview page as soon as a bridge is offline.

Thank you.

It only seems to show a date. Would there be a way to get a time that the tampering with the bridge occurred?

At the moment, I can’t think of an elegant solution to be automatically informed when the bridge wiring is tampered with.

At Happylab, we have “solved” this problem by wrapping the cables at the C13/C14 connector of the bridge very tightly with a cable tie. This way, if you want to unplug and plug in the cables, you have to at least cut the cable tie as well, which is already a bigger hurdle for most users.

This solution is rather low-tech, but quite effective in our case.

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